Support Policy


  • Guiding and answering question regarding theme installation process,
  • Making sure installed theme looks like demo,
  • Resolving issues with theme recommended plugins,
  • Fixing bugs.

Not included

  • Modifying themes beyond their original look,
  • Changing fonts, colors and layout,
  • Providing instructions on how to modify theme,
  • Setting up plugins/apps that have not been included with theme,
  • Setting up shop, pages and content that are not included in demo theme.

Support requirements

Some requests can not be processed without accessing your blog/shop/hosting dashboard directly. You may be asked to provide access to any of the below, including:

  • address of your shop/blog,
  • login/password to your shop/blog dashboard,
  • login/password to your hosting area.

Although your logins and passwords are safe, to keep security at highest possible level I suggest creating temporary account just for support purpose, so you can keep your original login/password isolated.
Please take a look at these articles on:

Client website support

LucaThemes can not provide support to websites that do not own their own copy of LucaThemes theme. If you are a designer/developer who bought a theme and installed in your Client’s website, you are responsible for providing support. If your Client needs direct support from LucaThemes, they need to purchase a license on their own.

Revoked support

On very rare occasions standard support may not be provided, when:

  • problems occured while modifying theme code,
  • third-party plugins are conflicting with theme code,
  • website owner has not purchased theme on their own.

Response time

Although we strive to answer any questions and provide support as quickly as possible, please allow up to 36 hours on business days.

Support is provided on weekends and holidays as well, however response time may be longer.

Real feedback

from my Etsy store!

Luca was such a big help! He was able to help me with a couple of tasks I needed. I wish I would have found him sooner, I would have saved myself from a lot of stress! I definitely recommend!

I’m so happy and thankful for all that Luca Themes has done for me. Everything is above and beyond what I dreamt for. Thank you, Luca Themes!

Luca was a joy to work with. He was so patient and kind during the setup. I highly recommend his services!

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